Wednesday, October 26, 2011

35 WEEKS! and what could be the longest post EVER!!!

WOW! Where has the time gone?  I have slept thru most of my pregnancy!  I've been so tired all the time!  It is nearing November and that means... BABY TIME!!  

 Here is my most recent belly shot:
Taken last weekend while redecorating the guest bath into a Rubber Ducky bathroom for Avery! 

Ok, so I haven't slept the WHOLE pregnancy away! I've been crafting too! Actually, I've been quite busy! I've had 2 baby showers here in Seattle and will be going home for one more this weekend.  Also, Pumpkin Patches, Puyallup Fair, numerous doc appointments (with a bonus ultrasound last week) and tons of shopping! I have been cooking like crazy and my nesting instincts have kicked in lately! My mom came up to help me put the finishing touches on the nursery, too! I can't tell you how many bags of Double Stuff Oreos  and gallons of milk I've eaten in these 8 1/2 months!  (It's A LOT!)

Here we go, a photo journey of the past few months! READY?

I'll start with the Nursery!
With my mother's help, ( A LOT OF HER HELP) we were able to finish the nursery!
I still have to recover the chair...

 Here is Grandma Chris sorting through the hair bows!  She helps to make this room so amazing! Thanks for all you did, Mama!

  Here is a view with the lamps on.  Such a soft, calming light! I love to spend my mornings in here on the weekends!

 This is a temporary changing table.  I was given one by my neighbors daughter that will be here on Monday.  In fact, most everything in this room was donated, bought second hand, or hand made! I loved taking the time on the weekends to search for perfect pieces for the nursery at thrift stores or craigslist! 

 Another view of the window area.

 Belly shot!

Here is the crib area!  It turned out perfect!  We even added a skinny silver ribbon to each stripe to add a bit of sparkle to the wall!  

I cant wait to bring Avery home to her new room!

On to the next photo set!
These were taken at a Baby Shower thrown by my dear friends, Shirley and Christy! It was such a lovely day! great food, friends and a sweet surprise by my family! My mom was already planning on being here, but my sisters, Kara and Krista decided to make the trip too! Connor and Reagan went along for the ride!   We got home from a long afternoon of shopping to find all of them dressed in Bronco gear watching the game on MY COUCH!  I was floored!  Thanks for taking it upon yourselves to be here for the shower! It was lovely to share that day with you!

 Here I am at the dessert table! I could have sat here all night!  The cake was delicious!

 Baby Reagan all dolled up for the party!

 Such a wonderful friend! Shirley, thank you for throwing such a beautiful shower.  Love you!

 Kritter's in the house!


 The hostesses!  Thanks my dear friends! It was lovely!

 The little girls playing with glitter!  So adorable!

 Not sure what I was doing, but... here is a photo of me doing it!

 Opening gifts!  She is going to be one, well dresses girl!

 Cake photo!  Drooling as i view it again!

 Travis and I before the shower.  The boys went to a movie!

 What beautiful roses!  The mints were delicious too!

 One happy Mama to be!
Showing off some of the clothing!

Thank you all for coming to the shower.  Many of you drove quite a ways to be here for the shower and I appreciate every mile!  Hugs to you all!

Belly shot from September. I love the ultrasound pic of Avery on the fridge!

 Here is a picture of Travis and I headed to the Puyallup Fair.  Wwe went with Dustin, Taylor, Zander and Jade.  What a great day!

 Zander, beating the heat with an Ice Cream Cone!

 Avery's Bronco gear!

These next photos were from Spooner Farms.  This was such a great day! Thanks to Dustin, Taylor, Zander and Jade for inviting us! I LOVED IT!

 Travis getting his ammo ready for the pumpkin sling shot


 Picking pumpkins.  BIG PUMPKINS!
 Dustin and Jade

 Zander and Jade on the Cow Couch

 Taylor and Jade looking at the maize

 Jade picking out her very own pumpkin!

 Me picking out my very own pumpkin! 

 Zander on the go cart!

  Johnson Family photo at Spooner Farms 2011

 Allen Family photo Spooner Farms 2011

 Pumpkin sitting

 Jade loved all the pumpkins!

I can't wait for Jade and Avery to pick pumpkins out together next year!

Ok time for some random photos!

Here is a Green Bay belly photo!

 Avery and I went to watch the sunset

 Christmas PJ's for Reagan and Avery!

 Baby Reagan!  Born 8/9/11.  Reagan and Avery will be appx 3 months apart! 

 Gorgeous Baby Reagan!

Meet Champ!
I remember the day Mom brought Champ home to me.  She told me how while she was shopping she heard him saying, "Take me home to Kalee!"  I loved Champ instantly and have loved him ever since!  I will tell Avery a similar story about Cordy!

 Meet Cordy!
 Seriously, Cordy talked to me almost every day when we'd take the children from work on our daily walks.  He was special and I knew he had to come home to be Avery's best friend. 

Funny thing happened!  I was going through an old notebook I had kept in the RV of baby ideas and look who was in the book!
 CORDY!  I had no idea he was the same pig!  I had been dreaming of him since I began dreaming of having my own child! It was meant to be!

Last Saturday at The Johnson House. 

I know this wasn't the best way to blog these last few months but, I had to get caught up! 

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for your love and support.  I cannot tell you how much love I feel from you all! I walk around our house and see all the gifts that we've received from friends and family and even generous strangers on craigslist!  Avery knows she is well loved.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Let's see what these next few months bring! I bet you'll be back to see!

Love you all!