Monday, November 21, 2011

A new chapter

8 days until my due date! It's getting exciting now!!!

I am excited about our guest arriving today! My mom arrives and will be staying with me until mid December. I know she's really here to see Avery but I want her to know how special this time will be with her up here.

Friday was my last day at work! I can't believe it's that time already! It has been so wonderful to have worked with so many amazing people. I've gotten to know some amazing families along the way. This job has given me confidence on myself to know that I can raise a healthy, independent, authentic child. My RIE training with Polly Elam has been an amazing gift! Thanks to all my coworkers, the families and especially the wonderfully amazing children, whose lives I know I've touched!

Now it's on to my new job! No pay but many benefits! Stay at home wife/mom!

This weekend has been a very busy weekend. I have been feathering my nest and I have to say, I am quite impressed with my work!

Here is a vinyl lettering that I put above the bassinet on our room.

Here is our Christmas Tree! I has to get Christmas ready for Avery!

Here are our stockings! Ignore the TV cords, Santa!

Here is part of the living room.

The dining room table

I decided to take some Christmas to our room since I bought a duvet in July to use for the holidays. We were given a new crib so I used the old crib to make a much needed head board. Now I just need to add the Christmas garland above the bed and hang a few red bulbs from it and I will be done!

I also set up a desk downstairs with a wireless printer! I love technology! I can print right from my iPad! Target had a great HP printer on sale for $79.99 (regularly $149.00) plus a coupon for $30 bucks off!!! SOLD!!  Here is the coupon: HP Printer I highly recommend you pick one up!

Now it's time to set up a housekeeping schedule and put the finishing touches on our beautiful home.

Break time is over!

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Full Term! 37 Weeks

Tomorrow, Avery will be full term!  That means she is safe to come out!  When will you come out to play,  Avery? We are ready for you!

Here are some pictures from the baby shower that my mom threw for me!  We drove to Idaho last weekend to spend time with family and friends! It was a lovely shower. Thanks to everyone who was a part of that special day!

Desert table compliments for Grandpa Phil and Grandma Judy!  Thank you for all the yummy treats!

Proud parents to be!

My dear friend, Kari! Love you!

 Judy and Grandma Marie!  Thank you for all your love and support!

 My Mama Bear!  Thank you for a beautiful day! 

Here are a few pictures that Krista took for Travis and I.

The ladies!  LOVE YOU ALL!

 Love you, Papa!
 Love you, Reagan!

Next time we are in Idaho, you'll be able to see Avery!